— Caroline Brahme is a designer, illustrator, and yoga teacher living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Yoga & Healing Sessions

It is my passion to connect with the innate wisdom of our body moving -that body intelligence that comes through as we let the movements emerge from within. Our body holds so much wisdom and it often know what it needs if we only learn to be attentive enough to listen to it.

Connecting with what is alive - every time we step on the mat we are new. Learning to listen to this moment, what does it hold, and what is needed for the body-mind at this time?

Classes & Healing Sessions

Classes & Healing Sessions

I teach Hatha yoga and Slow Vinyasa mixed with Free somatic movement.

Yoga classes —

Atmajyoti Yoga - www.atmajyoti.se

Yin & Yang - www.yinyangyogastudio.se

Healing Sessions —

Access Bars Healing Session 60 min (500 sek) Book

Access Bars helaing Session 90 min (800 sek) Book

What is The Access Bars?

I also do private sessions and teach yoga in work places. Do you want to bring yoga to your company, workplace, school or group of friends? Let’s talk!