— Caroline Brahme is a designer, illustrator, and yoga teacher living in Stockholm, Sweden.


"I teach dynamic Hatha Yoga. Moving from the breath in a soft, curious exploration of what is true in each moment. Using each pose and each breath to dive deeper into ourselves - mind, body, heart and soul. What is important is not how it looks from the outside but how it feels on the inside. We don’t use our body to move into the pose. We use the pose to move into our body."



I spend most of my time teaching Yoga, Qigong and Zen meditation at Yasuragi spa hotel outside Stockholm. www.yasuragi.se

Open classes:

Atmajyoti yoga - Sunday 15:45-17:30 This class is a is mix of Yin/Yang - dynamic flow and more still yin postures. www.atmajyoti.se

Do you want to bring yoga to your company, workplace, school or group of friends? Let’s talk :) caroline.brahme@gmail.com